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Serlando Tattoo Repair Cream Buying Guide - Where to buy the best deal? INKED BY SERLANDO

Want to find Serlando Tattoo Repair Cream?

🌟 Shilando Tattoo Repair Cream🌟

Tattoo is the art of life, and Serlando's Tattoo Repair Cream is the ultimate choice to care for this art. Whether you have a newly tattooed youth mark or an old tattoo that has been looking fresh for a long time, our repair cream can protect every line of your life.

🛒 Where to buy Shilando Tattoo Repair Cream?

👉 Browse the tattoo repair cream purchase link on our website and easily choose the tattoo repair cream you need. Not only is it convenient and fast, but it is also guaranteed to be genuine and genuine, so your tattoos will always shine charmingly.

Shilando, let your tattoo exude unique style, starting with repair. Buy now and enjoy a new restoration experience!

Serlando tattoo care series

Each tattoo is a unique story, a symbol of self, belief, memory, and the future. Serlando believes that good tattoos require good maintenance, so he has carefully launched the "INKED BY SERLANDO" tattoo care series, which is designed to provide the most perfect care for the skin after tattoos.

Good Tatt, Good Care

do you know? The skin becomes extremely sensitive after tattooing, and the 1-2 weeks after tattooing is the golden period for tattoo care. Careful care can make the color of the tattoo more beautiful after restoration.

INKED BY SERLANDO Exclusive care options for tattoos

tattoo repair cream

  • Time to use: During tattooing, after tattooing
  • effect:
    • Regularly repairs the skin, forms a protective film, improves protection against environmental damage, reduces irritation and relieves discomfort.
    • Rich in oils, it nourishes the tattooed area and reduces dryness, scaling and peeling of the skin.
    • Made of all plant-derived ingredients, it does not contain paraffin, artificial flavors and other ingredients, and is hypoallergenic and non-irritating.
    • The main ingredients include repairing and moisturizing factors, such as biological protection factors, sea fennel, vitamin E, etc., which can be used for daily dry skin.

Tattoo color protection lotion

  • Timing of use: After the tattoo is completely healed and 2-3 weeks before the tattoo, pre-piercing care
  • effect:
    • Moisturizes the skin, helps protect the color from fading, and makes the skin smooth, smooth and easy to color.
    • After the tattoo is completely restored, it can enhance the color-holding effect of the tattoo.

How to choose tattoo care products?

Tattoo Repair Cream : Repairs, nourishes and soothes the skin, suitable for daily care during and after tattooing.

Tattoo color protection lotion : Moisturizes the skin and helps protect the color from fading. It is suitable for pre-thorn care after the tattoo has completely healed and 2-3 weeks before the tattoo.

Serlando tattoo care series provides the most perfect and professional care experience for everyone who has a tattoo. Cherish every line and protect every story.

Don’t let a good tattoo go without good care. Go to the ZUIVER website to find your exclusive tattoo care plan!

tattoo repair cream

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