Collection: AQUACENE skin care series

Adhere to product quality, insist on being natural and without additives

1. Insist that all products are manufactured by the brand’s exclusive production factories and do not outsource production to ensure product quality.
2. Adhere to strict control of each product manufacturing process and pass the international ISO22716 GMP certification , including product development, material input, production and finished product inspection.
3. Insist on replacing chemical antibacterial agents and preservatives with natural plant extracts to reduce skin burden.
4. Insist on effective moisturizing ingredients in all products and use ECOCERT EU organic certified raw materials - high-precision hyaluronic acid/vegetable glycerin.

Ultrapure water quality: RO reverse osmosis/UV sterilization/absolute filter filtration

1. When developing products, the AQUACENE research team insists on selecting active ingredients proven by experiments and conducts long-term testing to confirm the safety and effectiveness of the products.
2. The production procedures have passed the international ISO22716 GMP certification, and standard operating procedures (SOP) have been established to ensure stable quality.
3. All water sources in the production process use ASTM Type I grade ultrapure water and undergo multiple sterilization steps to ensure sterility and no pollution residues.
4. Each batch of AQUACENE products will be sampled and tested for efficacy and stability under harsh conditions to ensure the highest quality of the products.

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