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Skin after tattooing requires special care and maintenance, and Serlando Tattoo Care Lotion is specially designed for this. During the golden period of 1-2 weeks after tattooing, using Serlando Tattoo Maintenance Lotion can help restore the color saturation of the tattoo, maintain the skin's luster and softness, and prevent skin dryness and roughness.

Serlando Tattoo Care Lotion contains ACTIWHITE™ LS 9808, which helps improve dull skin and increase the color of tattoos. In addition, rich moisturizing ingredients such as golden silk extract and ceramide can moisturize the skin and reduce discomfort caused by dry skin.

Please note that tattoo maintenance lotion is not suitable for use on newly tattooed areas that have not yet recovered. If you plan to get a tattoo, it is recommended that you start using tattoo maintenance lotion a few weeks before the tattoo to strengthen prevention and moisturize the skin. This will help the skin to be smoother and softer during the tattoo, and make the color of the tattoo more beautiful.

Plus, even if you don't have a tattoo, Serlando Tattoo Care Lotion is a great all-over moisturizing lotion that can be applied to dry skin areas all over your body.

How to choose Serlando tattoo care series

In addition to tattoo care lotion, Serlando also offers tattoo repair balm and tattoo color care lotion. Tattoo Repair Balm can be used during and after tattooing to help repair, nourish and soothe the skin. Tattoo color-protecting lotion is suitable for use after the tattoo has completely recovered. It can moisturize the skin and help keep the color of the tattoo from fading.

Serlando tattoo care series makes your tattoos more beautiful

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