Brand Story - Natural Beauty, Blooming the Pure Energy of ZUIVER

In every girl's heart, there is a dream of pursuing beauty and confidence. This not only comes from the appearance, but also from the inner energy.

Emily is such a dreamer. Growing up in the vast South African prairie, she witnessed the rising sun, watched animals playing by the river, and witnessed the grassland undulating in the wind. The purity and newness of nature are deeply imprinted in her heart.

When she grew up, Emily moved to Taiwan. This beautiful treasure island made her feel a little disappointed. She found that most of the skin care products on the market were adulterated with too many chemical additives, forcing consumers to use them continuously for a long time to see results. As modern women who love beauty, shouldn’t we have natural beauty products that are pure, efficient and environmentally friendly?

Driven by this idea, the ZUIVER brand was born. ZUIVER means "pure". It combines carefully selected natural plant extracts from around the world with innovative formula technology to create unprecedented pure and efficient skin care products.

Not only that, even the outer shell of the product is made of 100% recyclable glass bottles, which will never harm the earth's resources. Protecting the green environment is not ZUIVER’s slogan, but the brand’s original intention.

From early 20s to 35 years old, this is the most glorious time for women. How can we embrace the beauty of nature while also doing our part to protect the environment?

Using ZUIVER is to practice the most valuable self-beauty. Pure nutrients are not afraid of the passage of time and can completely improve skin condition; natural high-tech formula repairs cells from the ground up. Persistence, beauty will bloom inadvertently.

Showing the beauty of internal and external synchronization is not only your own pride, but also a blessing to the world. Let us start a positive cycle of beauty and environmental protection together, and bloom the natural beauty of ZUIVER!