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INVISIBLE|Crossover Eau de Parfum Travel Fragrance 2ml

INVISIBLE|Crossover Eau de Parfum Travel Fragrance 2ml

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INVISIBLE Crossover X - A fashionable fragrance that combines Eastern and Western aromas

[The charm of unique fragrance interlacing]

The top notes are oriental aromas such as black pepper and bergamot, the middle notes are blended into the Western floral jasmine and intoxicating leather notes, and the base notes are warm base notes such as patchouli and black amber. Layers of aroma linger on the tip of your nose, exuding A unique and alluring scent.

Unlimited versatile body fragrance

Regardless of gender, any age group and any occasion can travel in the fragrance world of INVISIBLE! Whether it is the workplace or dating, sports or socializing, your body fragrance can show your stylish and fashionable personal style.

[Innovative design protects you and me]

The compact rotating bottle design with silver metallic texture is not only exquisite, high-end and elegant, but also avoids the problem of excessive evaporation of traditional spray bottles. At the same time, it is equipped with a refill design, which is not only economical and affordable, but also more environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly.

Sinodor® Patented Deodorizer

INVISIBLE not only has a pleasant fragrance, but also specially contains Sinodor® patented deodorant, which not only purifies sweat and odor, but also allows the fragrance to remain in your body fragrance for a long time, creating a charming and far-away attraction.

Recommended occasions for fragrance use

  • At work and in meetings: Helps you focus and enhance your professional image
  • Dating and socializing: Exude confidence and charm, adding points to romance
  • Sports and fitness: make you fresh and natural, away from the trouble of sweat and odor

[Limited new fragrance is absolutely popular]

The INVISIBLE fragrance, originally priced at $350, can now be purchased for only $199! As a fashionista, it would be a pity to miss this opportunity to embrace the foul fragrance combination! Hurry up and put it in your shopping cart to become the first to lead the trend. Master it.

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