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S.ARBORETUM Rimu Arboretum Lychee Breath Freshening Spray

S.ARBORETUM Rimu Arboretum Lychee Breath Freshening Spray

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In the modern fast-paced life, having a fresh and confident tone is the goal that every young person pursues. Whether you're getting ready for a date, going to work, spending time with your crush, or keeping an eye on a crush, we understand that bad breath can be an unsettling issue for you. For this reason, we sincerely present "Oral Clarity Spray" to bring you freshness and confidence, making you look charming no matter when and where you are.

feature of product:

Five flavor options: We offer a variety of charming flavors, including peach, grape, lychee, orange and watermelon, allowing you to choose as you like and enjoy different flavors every day.

Remove Bad Breath: Mouth Clearing Spray uses an advanced formula to quickly and effectively neutralize bad breath, delivering long-lasting fresh breath.

Portable and portable: The exquisite packaging design makes it easy to carry around, allowing you to stay confident anytime and anywhere, and no longer worry about accidental embarrassment.

Edible: The ingredients of our oral clearing spray are safe and edible, and do not contain harmful ingredients, so there is no need to worry about safety issues after use.


Whether you are about to go on a date, heading to work, sharing time with the person you love, or quietly paying attention in the dark side of love, Oral Clarifying Spray is a great choice for you. It can keep you confident, elegant and exude irresistible charm at critical moments.

Have fresh breath and boost your confidence to the highest level!

No matter your age, as long as you pursue freshness and confidence, "Oral Clear Spray" is your indispensable partner. Give yourself a gift and experience the power of refreshing confidence to become the best version of yourself. No matter when and where you are, use our spray to keep freshness and confidence with you!

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