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SERLANDO Serando Pink Rose Honey Gift Box

SERLANDO Serando Pink Rose Honey Gift Box

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Gift box contents

Pink Delicate Point Red Lotion 3ml + Hydrating Repair Rose Honey Balm 8ml

Product Description

Pink Yang Jiao Dot Moisturizing Lotion 3ml

" Improve dullness + nourish and repair + perfect polish " multiple skin care in one

  • The world's first ★ make-up care essence oil ★100% skin care product
  • Lumiskin's patented brightening factor helps improve dullness and brighten color.
  • The pH temperature-sensitive discoloration factor approved by the U.S. FDA is safe and can reveal your natural pink color in 3 seconds.
  • Queen-level moisture-locking factor: ceramide + hyaluronic acid makes skin soft and smooth
  • Rich in rose essential oil , rosehip oil and other rose plant extracts, the rose aroma relieves stress
  • Lipstick isolation product : can be used as a primer before lipstick to prevent pigmentation caused by long-term use of lipstick.
  • Multi-functional skin care product: suitable for lips, cheeks, areola, private skin and other parts. It is recommended to take care of it in separate areas >> Three sets of pink and delicate red lotion
  • Q&A about Pinky Delicate Red Lotion


Hydrating Repair Rose Honey Balm 8ml

  • Fight the three major lip problems " Smooth lip lines + moisturize lips + moisturize and repair"
  • No added paraffin or artificial flavors 
  • Biological protective factors, vitamin E and other ingredients fight skin aging
  • Multi-area skin care products suitable for any dry skin areas such as lips, finger edges, elbows, heels, hair ends , etc.
  • Can be used as lip balm during the day ; apply thickly as a lip mask at night
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