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SERLANDO tattoo color care lotion

SERLANDO tattoo color care lotion

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【product details】
TATTOO LOTION tattoo color protection lotion 100ml
️Every tattoo has a unique meaning, it is self, belief, memory and future
Good tattoos require good maintenance. Did you know that your skin will become very sensitive after tattooing?
1-2 weeks after getting a tattoo is the golden period for tattoo care.
If you take good care of it, the color of the restored pattern will be quite beautiful.
INKED BY SERLANDO▼ Exclusive care options for tattoos. How to use the tattoo care series?

【Tattoo Repair Cream】 Repair, nourish and soothe the skin.
When to use - During and after tattooing, it helps to "repair" the skin, form a protective film and improve the skin's protection against environmental damage, reduce irritation and relieve discomfort.
Rich in oils, it can nourish the tattooed area and reduce dryness, scaling and peeling of the skin.
Made of all plant-derived ingredients, it does not contain paraffin, artificial flavors and other ingredients, and is hypoallergenic and non-irritating.
The main ingredients are repairing and moisturizing factors, such as biological protection factors, sea fennel, vitamin E, etc... Therefore, it can also be used daily when the skin is dry.

【product features】
Prevent skin roughness/prevent dryness/maintain skin gloss and help restore tattoo color saturation.
Helps dull skin become smoother and makes tattoos more colorful.
Rich moisturizing ingredients: golden silk extract, ceramide, etc. help improve roughness and moisturize the skin.
Do not use on newly tattooed areas that have not yet recovered——————

【Time to use】
For those of you who want to get a tattoo:
A few weeks before the tattoo, you can use tattoo lotion to strengthen the condition and help the skin condition during the tattoo to be better colored.
For you who don’t have tattoos:
Tattoo lotion isn't just for people with tattoos, it's also an excellent moisturizing lotion that can be applied to dry areas all over the body.

【Product specifications】
Specifications/Capacity: 100ml
Shelf life: 4 years Source of supply: Company goods Origin: Taiwan

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