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SERLANDO Serando Rose Honey Pink Dew Set of 2

SERLANDO Serando Rose Honey Pink Dew Set of 2

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Introducing a classic lip lotion with an upgraded texture - "Red Lotion 2.0". It is a 100% lip care product. It also has the "touching" effect of lip gloss, which can improve the dullness of the lips, give a pink lip color, and Moisturizes and repairs lip lines.

The new "Run Hong Lotion 2.0" is not only light and shiny in texture, but also adds a moisturizing bonus, showing a moisturizing and moisture-locking upgraded effect. The addition of protective factors also makes "Red Lotion 2.0" softer and wrinkle-free. It also has multiple effects such as improving dull lips, pink lip color, moisturizing and repairing, etc. It can be used on lips, areolas, private skin and other areas. maintainance.

"Red Lotion 2.0" uses a variety of key ingredients, among which BRIGHT Oléoactif® patented organic brightening active ingredient can improve dullness and reveal a bright glow. IRWINOL®LS African wild mango butter has the effect of softening and moisturizing and improving chapped lips. ANTILEUKINE™6 biological protection factor is extracted from golden seaweed, which can soothe, repair and smooth lip lines. In addition, sunflower seed oil can provide natural oils, soft and smooth, vitamin E is moisturizing and anti-aging, and strengthens the skin, while geranium & palmarosa essential oil is rich in rose fragrance, helps to soothe emotions, and has moisturizing & balancing effects .

If you are looking for a lip lotion that has multiple effects such as moisturizing, repairing lip lines, improving dull lips, and providing pink lip color, "Red Lotion 2.0" is definitely your best choice. After using "Red Lotion 2.0", your lips will not only have a charming pink lip color, but also stay moisturized, showing a charming and confident smile.

Classic lip gloss texture upgrade
Classic getting chic
Hot-selling classic #Runhonglu2.0

100% lip care product, but also has the "touching" effect of lip gloss, focusing on improving dull lips, pink lip color, moisturizing and repairing lip lines

Light upgrade: Essence water-like texture, light and shiny texture. Hydrating upgrade: Moisturizing bonus, water-like moisturizing effect and locking in moisture. Soft upgrade: Added protective factors, soft and smooth texture. Multi-effects: Improve dull and pink lip color. , Moisturizing and repairing multi-zone maintenance: can be used on lips, areola, private skin and other parts

key ingredients

BRIGHT Oléoactif® patented organic brightening active ingredient: improves dullness and brightens skin. COSMOS certified ingredients (84% organic)
IRWINOL®LS African wild mango butter: softens and moisturizes, improves chapped lips. COSMOS certified ingredients
ANTILEUKINE™6 biological protection factor: extracted from golden seaweed, soothes, repairs and smoothes lip lines.
Sunflower oil: natural oil, soft and smooth.
Vitamin E: Moisturizing, anti-aging, and skin-building. Geranium & Palmarosa Essential Oil: Rich in rose fragrance, it helps soothe your mood and has a moisturizing and balancing effect.

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