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SERLANDO Tattoo Cream + Tattoo Cream Value Care Set

SERLANDO Tattoo Cream + Tattoo Cream Value Care Set

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The super guardian of the tattooed clan INKED BY SERLANDO

💥 Plant Extract Energy Repair Cream-Your Tattoo Doctor

Containing natural bio-repair nutrients, royal plant sea fennel, vitamin E, etc., it thoroughly repairs and cares for the delicate skin that has just been tattooed. The hypoallergenic formula of all plant extracts contains absolutely no chemical irritants and is your first choice for care before and after tattooing.

When to use:

✔ Now after the tattoo: After the tattoo, the repair cream will take care of you ✔ After the tattoo: Continuous repair to speed up skin recovery

💎 ACTIWHITE Color Protective Lotion-Long lasting color

Exclusive ACTIWHITE™ LS patented technology + golden oyster silk extract double blessing, making the skin smooth and smooth, deeply hydrating, making your tattoo patterns solid, saturated and lasting.

When to use:

✔ Pre-tattoo care: improve skin quality and make the tattoo more colorful ✔ Post-tattoo routine: long-lasting hydration and prevent color loss

🤘 Skin-to-skin intimacy regardless of age and skin type

Whether you have just had a serious tattoo or you have been in ecstasy for a long time, this pair of professional CPs can fully protect it, continuously supply nutrition, repair and moisturizing, and never let the color of your tattoo fade away!

🧚‍♀️ Multi-faceted skin care expert with unique skills

This pair of CPs is not only a savior during tattoos, but also perfectly demonstrates the intoxicating power of hydrating skin during daily skin care. Kuaishou Knife starts with this pair of extremely powerful power-building duo, and lets you carefully grasp tens of thousands of years of gentle past with your skin!

Usage reminder:

- Repair Cream: Best care for 1-2 weeks after tattooing - Color Protective Lotion: Use after the tattoo wound has completely recovered

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